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  • Mirror Image Studios, Anaheim, CA, 1254 N La Loma Cir, United States
  • artist: Kataklysm, Aborted
  • tags: brutal death metal, death metal, melodic death metal, grindcore
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  • Bourbon Theatre, Lincoln, NE, 1415 O St., United States
  • artist: All Time Low, Man Overboard, Handguns
  • tags: pop punk, punk rock
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  • 9:30 Club, Washington DC, 815 V St. NW, United States
  • artist: The War on
  • tags: bagel, folk, folk rock, indie, rock, indie rock, somafm
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  • Canopy Club, Urbana, IL, 708 S. Goodwin Ave., United States
  • artist: Beats Antique
  • tags: world, bellydance, electronic, tribal fusion, ambient, tribal
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  • Witch Room, Sacramento, CA, 1815 19th St, United States
  • artist: Burnt Ones, Holy Wave, Male Gaze
  • tags: bagel, psychedelic, somafm
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  • The Grotto, Fort Worth, TX, 517 University Drive, United States
  • artist: Pinkish Black, Perdition, Venomous Maximus, Mothership, Admirals, Not Half Bad, Cosmic Trigger, The House Harkonnen, Sealion, Southern Train Gypsy, Orthodox Fuzz, The Pajamas, the dangits, Huffer, Raven Charter, One Fingered Fist, Analog I, Vatican Press, UNTD SNKS, Sonsofes, Hows My Driving
  • tags:
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  • The Foundry Concert Club, Lakewood, 11729 Detroit Ave, United States
  • artist: Unearth, Texas in July, Winds Of Plague, Death Before Dishonor, Ringworm, Weekend Nachos, Cholera, Xrepresentx, If Hope Dies, Homewrecker, Relentless, Drowning, Ruin, Smoke & Mirrors, No Second Chance, Resist the Undertow, Clarity Calls Forth, Lies Of Nazca, Fallen Captive, Triumph Over Shipwreck, Ground Tracer, Race Riot 59, This Is A Lifetime, Lawskof, Youth Forgotten, Wasted Blood, Seek Shelter, Inferno Machine, XRATHERBEYOURENEMYX, From Midst the Descends
  • tags: hardcore
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  • Sheraton Hotel & Marina, San Diego, , United States
  • artist: Eyeshine
  • tags: alternative, alternative rock, edge rock, rock
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